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    current concern. Education Services in the Developing World.

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    current concern. Capacity Building Services in Public Administration.

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    current concern. Innovative and creative secondary school methods and structures.

about us

EduGlobeNet International Inc. is a young, creative and innovative Canadian Consulting firm IN Education and Public Administration whose objectives are threefold:

  • Enhance, improve, and facilitate Education Systems' delivery, capacity, & efficiency
  • Promote higher levels of student performance and success at the elementary and secondary levels by Developing generations of highly empowered Teachers fully prepared to support student learning for the 21st Century.
  • Contribute efficiently and expertly to the Public Administration Dialogue & Public Policy Initiatives currently engaged in many Developing World Nations

Recent interventions have allowed us to become active players either in development projects in the emerging world, or as full partners in reform initiatives back home.


Nous travaillons aussi en langue française

EGNI continues to expand its expertise in key educational domains of current concern, such as – but not limited to:

    • Student Access, Retention and Performance
    • Use of instructional IT hardware & software
    • EMIS development, implementation and review
    • Learning for responsible citizenship in a fast changing world
    • Innovative and creative secondary school structures and methods
    • Teachers as school leaders: teaching skills for lifelong learning
    • Organizational Capacity Assessment, whether at the School, System, Ministry, or Corporate, levels
    • PPP development and management in Education
    • School/System Governance through grass-root parent/community engagement
    • Accountability and Responsibility in Managing Public Education Systems
    • School/System Accreditation process implementation and assessment

EduGlobeNet International is primarily concerned with the individual student, and brings special attention to the specifics of local parameters framing educational reform and development initiatives. We accept and understand that the eventual success of any education project, be it big or small, is dependent upon a marked and sustainable improvement in human capacity. This is EGNI's essential focus in all development ventures.

EduGlobeNet International is not merely interested in providing educational quick-fixes whose validity often lies only in standard Western practice. EGNI offers opportunities for lasting, sustainable growth through the sharing of key developmental skills and concepts that stays with our clients long after we have moved on.

Educational Planning

    • Educational Needs Assessment
    • Curriculum Development
    • Teacher In-Service training and development
    • Equity and Access issues in Secondary Education
    • Effective Educational Practices for Dynamic Elementary Schools

Management Consulting

    • Strategic Planning

    • School Administrator training

    • Education Budgeting & Finance

EGNI peut aussi offrir le même niveau d'excellence et d'expertise en langue française aux éducateurs Francophones à travers le monde. Notre équipe connait bien l'Afrique francophone: certains de nos membres ont par exemple, contribué au développement local de l'éducation de masse au Burkina Faso.


EGNI is proud to be associated with SCSAS (The Scientific Council for Systems and Applied Science), an independent, privately owned consulting and training firm based in Sana’a, Yemen. SCSAS is active in Administration, Public Service Management and Applied Sciences in and around Gulf/Arab speaking States in the Middle East. , ,



What people say!

  • "EduGlobeNet International continues to work hard towards establishing itself as a small, yet important player in Mekong countries. Bilateral talks between senior Ministry of Education officials and EGNI's leadership have lead to a better understanding of our capacities"
  • "EGNI recently adopted a new policy that will now allow us to recruit professional associates on a more global scale"
  • "EGNI recognizes that strong literacy and numeracy skills are the foundation for success in school and life. Every student should be able to read, write, do math and comprehend at a high level by the age of 12 as the necessary foundation for later educational and social choices."

In action

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